Did you know that some of the worlds leanest and most productive companies such as Boeing, Toyota and John Deere are moving away from a total reliance on computer systems and are using visual controls to schedule, organise, plan and represent important data.

Don’t hide your data in a computer, set it free. I have produced visual control systems for the dairy industry, manufacturing, power generation, viticulture and many others with outstanding results.

I can visually represent your data using a large repertoire of tools, such as,  laser etched whiteboards, colour printed vinyl, magnets and pegs to get the most relevant information displayed clearly in your business.

Contact me for a solution tailored to your business using uniquely developed management theory based on Peter Drucker, Lean theory, and my own award winning Work Control principles. Most installations cost between $500 and $2000 and will pay for themselves many times over.

Contact Charles. oakleigh @ maxnet.co.nz